Friday, 11 July 2014

Video about Volcanoes

Achnaha - at the centre of a volcano

Many people on West Ardnamurchan live on the cooled interior of what was, some 60 million years ago, an immense and very active volcano.  Because the guts of this volcano are now exposed, geologists come from all over the world to study the local rocks - and that includes the annual influx of student geologists who come here to have a go at mapping this very complex geology.

The BBC has recently produced a film about the use of microscope thin sections in understanding volcanoes, both past and present and, as one would expect, Ardnamurchan is mentioned.  To watch the short film, click here.

Many thanks to Rob Gill, who lives in the centre of the volcano at Achnaha, for drawing the video to my attention.
Rob runs a small business which makes geological slides - website here.

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