Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Loved and Lost

This is the friendliest young robin we've ever met.  While he won't eat seed from our hand, he'll come very close, and has developed the knack of standing at the front door as we're going out, asking to be fed.  The other day, when we lifted the blind on our front bedroom window, he was on the sill saying. "Breakfast time!".

We've lost our house martins in Ormsaigbeg again this year.  There are none nesting under the eaves of any of the houses: the Ferry Stores house used to have several nests, as did Water's Edge.  The family in the picture is living at Swordle Byre, while the nearest to us are at Meall mo Chridhe.


  1. A pair were checking out the front eves of the Shepherd's Hut when I was there. With the stable-style door they even flew in to check the inside. Have they just chosen somewhere else? Or did something happen to them?

  2. We saw a couple of house martins flying around Ormsaigbeg some weeks ago but they didn't settle here. There are plenty of swallows, some of which are nesting in the older barn on Craigard Croft, at the top of the field where the Shepherd's hut is sited. Jon