Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Kilchoan Wildlife

Sabine Hedtfeld, who has been visiting Kilchoan from Germany, has been kind enough to send the Diary these pictures taken by Georg Furst during a recent two-week stay at Brian Culcheth's 'Otters Holt'.

As Sabine puts it, "It's not only the pine marten that likes bread and raspberry jam"....

....although some had their work cut out reaching it.

 Not far from Mingary Pier they spotted an otter enjoying his lunch, while they....

....happily shared their accommodation with a family of blackbirds.

Many thanks to Sabine and Georg.
Otters Holt is available to rent, details here.


  1. Such superb photos, so lovely. Thank you for sharing them, Jo

  2. It is such a sight seeing Pine Martins on the patio ,lovely photos Maz