Sunday, 27 July 2014

Loch Caorach

After we'd reached the lochan to the south of the lighthouse road the other day - see post here - and had rested, we walked on towards Loch Caorach, the sheep's loch, crossing first a straight little glen which framed the view of Grigadale Farm.

As we started to climb the flank of Beinn nan Ord we looked through the gap in the hills at Achosnich towards Sanna Bay, with Eigg and Rum in the distance.

Beinn nan Ord forms a long ridge and we crossed the northern end of it.  From the top, away to the south lay Lochain Dubha, the black lochans.  Just beyond them is the lost settlement of Reidh-dhail, and in the distance the Sound of Mull and Mull itself.

By this time the high cloud was beginning to clear, giving the sun a chance to come out.  This picture shows Loch Caorach, the lighthouse, Grigadale, the lump of Sgurr nam Mean in the right distance, and Muck and Rum beyond it.

Last time we looked down on Loch Caorach it was winter and pouring with rain, and we haven't visited it since, so hadn't appreciated what a beautiful loch it is.  With a watery sun now out, we sat down for a picnic lunch and enjoyed the view.

Having walked round the west side of the loch, we turned east, heading directly towards the Sonachan Hotel in order to avoid the large area of boggy ground which separated us from the lighthouse road.  This picture of the Sonachan, which is currently for sale, shows the rugged land in which it lies.

This shows the walk we enjoyed that day.  Perhaps the satellite, rather than the map view, gives a better idea of the countryside we traversed.

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