Thursday, 3 July 2014

Pink Ribbon Night

Saturday 21st June was more than just about relishing the longest day and the beautiful summery weather that June has provided us with. It was also an exciting night for the women of West Ardnamurchan, as Sarah MacKinnon and her team at Glenborrodale Castle hosted the Pink Ribbon Night to raise money for the fight against Breast Cancer.

The Castle was decorated beautifully, and guests were presented with a tasty cocktail at the door. Wonderful food was prepared by Paul and Pablette Kerr (the highlight for me was the raspberry crème brulee - deeeeelicious!) and there was a marquee set up outside full of delicious canapés.

The main event of the evening was undoubtedly the "Man Auction."  Some very brave volunteers donated themselves to the top bidder for 5 hours of...well, let's not query that shall we? Rosemary Curtis was a fantastic auctioneer, and certainly had a lot of over-the-phone bids! Prices rocketed up and up...until the final prize, our very own Donald Houston, pranced out in his kilt and took the jackpot of over £250 from a local lady who was desperate to have a days "experience" (Her husband approved!).


The evening rolled to a close after some songs by Elvis, and a wee disco of cheesey tunes.

A fantastic sum of £2,670.80 was raised. Congratulations to Sarah and her team for such a successful night, and pats on the backs to the blokes who took their tops off and auctioned themselves for charity!

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