Saturday, 25 October 2014


Driving back from the lighthouse this morning, I managed to snatch this picture, through the windscreen, of what might be a merlin.

Now that I know they're around, I'm very anxious to get a good picture, but this character wasn't prepared to hang around to have his portrait taken.


  1. Jon, I think I would have to call this a Kestrel; it was my first impression when I saw your photo though when I thought about it I realised that the features of it were not clear cut ( may I blame the shot through the screen?! ) To me the back looks reddish- brown, the head looks greyish and the moustachial stripe looks to be heavier than that of Merlin. The features of the underside of the tail are in shadow and I would like to think that it is not as black as it appears!

  2. Many thanks, Tom. Yes, I rather suspect it is a kestrel, so my hunt for a merlin must continue. I just wish I'd got a better shot of it - yes, this one was taken through the windscreen.