Thursday, 16 October 2014

Branault Standing Stone in 3D

One of the purposes of last Saturday's visit to Branault's Bronze Age standing stones - post here - was for Jim Caldwell to take some photographs which would enable him to create a three-dimensional virtual model of the stone.  As far as I'm concerned, what Jim achieves is little short of miraculous, but what's so brilliant is that it creates a record which can be viewed by everyone - and, incidentally, enables all of us to see parts of the stone, like the top, which no-one is likely to have seen in over 3,000 years.

Some weeks ago, members of West Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology, Archaeology Scotland, and the ACCORD Project carried out a similar exercise on the standing stone at Camas nan Geall - see blog entry here.  One of the spin-offs from these photogrammetric surveys is that, from them, models can be 3D printed - which is what the ACCORD Project have done with the Camas stone.

Many thanks to Jim for letting us see the video.

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