Monday, 27 October 2014

A Promise of Spring

The winds which accompanied this exceptionally long period of heavy rain haven't been particularly strong - there have been no reports of damage on the peninsula - but they coincided with spring tides, so at least one of the kayaks that was left a little too close to the high-tide mark at the slipway below the shop was washed round to the beach below Ormsaigmore.  It's now back in a more secure place at the jetty.

We had 35mm of rain between 8am Sunday and the same time this morning.  This brings the seven day total to 157mm, which is nothing compared to reports of some areas in the Highlands receiving as much in 24 hours.

The weather caused more problems to the east of the peninsula.  Two landslips closed the A82 between Fort William and the Corran Ferry yesterday morning, trapping some cars - report here - and the ferry itself wasn't running for much of yesterday.  The A82 remained blocked first thing this morning.

Despite the bad weather, some of the local shrubs have decided that spring is here.  A good proportion of the gorse bushes that one passes as one enters Kilchoan are already in flower, though the website I checked said they don't usually flower until January.  One thing on the site surprised me - this prickly plant, Ulex europaeus, is a member of the pea family.

The forecast for tomorrow promises us some sunshine.  It will be very, very welcome.

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