Thursday, 23 October 2014

Advice Sought

For some time we've resisted buying one of the many wireless weather stations available which provide a digital display indoors, mostly because the wireless anemometer and wind vane system we had didn't survive the Ardnamurchan weather, but also because several weather stations attached to local houses have also failed.  Instead, we've stuck to cheap and simple machines such as this rain gauge.

Being simple, they survive the terrible weather that can be thrown at them.  About the highest technology is this maximum and minimum thermometer, sheltered from rain and direct sunlight in a sturdy wooden box.

This machine is our pride, made from length of wooden dowelling, a plastic drawer handle, a nail, a piece of flat plastic from an ice-cream container, and odd bits of wire and tape.  It's survived several gales of force eight and above.

The data is collected at eight in the morning and eight at night.  With the evenings drawing in, this is done by torchlight.  The results are tabulated on a chart.

The one thing I sorely miss is knowing the time and strength of the maximum gusts during a gale.  I'm therefore, reluctantly, looking at buying a Davis Vantage Vue, not least because there are two others on the peninsula which have survived the weather.  However, what I really want is what I used to have, a cup anemometer and wind vane machine, so I can go on using my trusty low-tech instruments for all other purposes.

Does anyone know of a wireless or wired cup anemometer and wind vane system that's rugged?


  1. Profi Weather Station TFA Sinus Wind Sensor Rain Gauge Moon Phases PC Evaluation. I bought this from Germany in April - £100 - and I am very happy with it. Of course I am in east Scotland with somewhat different weather from yours.... though there was a 45mph gust the other day.

  2. Many thanks, Alec. I'll have a look at that one. Jon