Monday, 20 May 2013

News in Pictures

The Diary is always anxious to keep readers abreast of the latest fashion in and around West Ardnamurchan, so has great pleasure in publishing this picture sent in by our Sanna fashion correspondent Sue Cheadle.

She writes, "This morning I met a very nice family camping at Achnaha. However, I did notice something a little unusual about their dog. They explained that the rock of Meall Tarmachain, the day's quest, can be quite hard on the paws. This was their answer.

"So here he is modelling this year's must have dog accessory for the 2013 summer hill walking season."

Owners of dogs coming up this way this summer, please note.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the peninsula, The Diary's Kilchoan avian correspondent Julie Wilkinson sends us this picture of young siskins joining the family for supper.  In view of the continuing reports of deaths amongst the siskin population, it's a relief to see the next generation coming along nicely - even though they're probably eating Julie out of house and home.

Many thanks to Julie and Sue for pictures and stories.

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