Friday, 31 May 2013

A Geologist's Blog

Rob Gill runs a small business from the tiny crofting township of Achnaha.  His business, Geosec Slides, sells extremely thin sections - like 30 microns thin - of bits of very hard rock which are fixed into microscope slides.

Geologists use a special microscope - called a petrological microscope - to look at these slides.  By inserting polarisers into the incoming and outgoing light, the minerals that constitute the rock can be easily identified.  However, the polarisers have a secondary effect - turning the slides into stunning works of art.

Rob works hard at his business, but he is also generous with his time when it comes to telling people about his work, and he's increasingly the local expert on West Ardnamurchan's geology - he gave a fascinating talk not long ago at the Kilchoan Learning Centre all about our local volcano.

Now Rob has taken his enthusiasm on-line by starting a blog - and, being a bit technical himself, some of the add-one he's using are great fun as well as enabling him to explain what are otherwise quite complicated ideas.  Have a look at the blog entry here.

His blog is at

Many thanks to Rob for the slide photos

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