Saturday, 18 May 2013


A distinct rumbling was heard across the peninsular, and some people felt a shaking at 8.15pm this evening.
News has come in that the sheep at Sanna took fright and ran in all directions.

Update: Earthquake epicentre was Acharacle. More info from British geological Survey at this link


  1. The Raptor here,I was on the phone to Achnaha when it happened, we had a live commentry, of hearing and feeling it rumbling on lasted about ten seconds! Henrys ears wiggled a bit but other than that he never moved.


  2. The Raptor

    It was under Acharacle, 12km at 2.9m

  3. One of a series recently in your part of the world, I believe. I don't think the volcano's going to erupt again soon, though. Pity..all that lovely roast pork ...

  4. From activity below to activity above: significant chance of auroras from now for the next 24hr, maybe more during the week. Cloudy over N. England at moment : (