Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mystery Plant - the Answer

From Rob Gill:

The original picture is of juvenile cones on a pine tree. The young needles are seen below the pink cones. I am not sure about the exact species of pine, I think it is Corsican Pine.

Trees at Achnaha do not look like the same trees elsewhere, blasted by the wind or dropping their needles in a drought as they only have about 4 inches of soil to grow in. This is why the 'mature' specimen in the photo is such a poor thing.

Many thanks to Rob for this.
Would anyone else like to do something similar?


  1. Thank you for posting answer Rob!
    Good teaser.
    Yes, definitely a pine.
    A 2 needle pine.
    I would not expect to find a Corsican pine growing wild in Kilchoan. Maybe a special planting in a private garden
    Maybe it Pinus sylvestris a Scots pine.
    As it gets older the bark will go a wonderful rusty/red colour colour.

    1. Yes it is in my garden, I guess some one thought it would stand maritime exposure, but it does not like the droughts. Bonsai is a word that comes to mind for trees here. I will let you know about the bark if it ever develops a trunk, if I live that long. Rob.