Monday, 27 May 2013


The fame of the Ormsaigbeg pigs continues to draw visitors from far and wide.  This lady was seen yesterday taking pictures of iBobby on her iPad.  Bet no-one's risked their iPad on a photo of pig owner iHughie.

Meanwhile, the weather, as would be expected on a Monday Bank Holiday, has turned wet, with a stiff westerly bringing a mass of low cloud inland across Ardnamurchan Point lighthouse.  Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird who, true to his name, was out first thing this morning to take this photo.
Overnight we enjoyed just over 20mm of Kilchoan sunshine which filled the burns and dampened the spirits of visiting campers.  The burn in the picture is the Allt Uamha na Muice, the photo taken at the point where it flows under the Sanna road, with the heights of the eastern ring dyke in the misty distance.

But yesterday was lovely almost all day, with hardly a breath of wind until the clouds arrived in the evening, and the skies are now, at just after nine in the morning, breaking to give the first signs of blue.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for the picture.

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