Saturday, 11 May 2013

'Commander' in the Bay

This photo shows the well boat Ronja Commander turning in Kilchoan Bay at about 9pm last night.  She's one of Solvtrans' fleet of live fish carrying ships which service the many fish farms along this part of the coast, working out of Mallaig.

Her behaviour was unusual in that, for a 50m ship, she came remarkably close to shore.

A slightly blurred picture taken using the ShipAIS website's 'History' facility shows that she had been in the Corran area of Loch Linnhe at around one in the afternoon, and then proceeded up the Sound of Mull towards her base in Mallaig.  After turning in Kilchoan Bay the track becomes confused, but we last saw her off Tobermory going back down the Sound.  By about one in the morning she was off Ardnamurchan Point moving north, and we saw her pass the house again around nine this morning, going south.

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