Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Monday's Flower

Many thanks to readers who have written in to identify the plant in Monday's post.  The flowers certainly look like squill, but....

....the leaves prove it isn't.  Further suggestions would be much appreciated as we can't find it in our wildflower identification books - yet it's coming up in a number of places in Ormsaigbeg, and there's a whole bank of it in brilliant flower near the dentists' in Tobermory.


  1. You MUST have had loads of replies by now. It is the Cuckoo Flower, Cardamine pratensis. Member of the cabbage family (4 petals) closely related to the notorious bitter cress which is attempting to take over my garden. Also closely related to scurvy grass.

  2. Hallo ,
    i know the flower , in german we call it Wiesenschaumkraut .
    Many greetings from germany

  3. It's Lady's Smock or Cuckooflower - Cardamine pratensis, again!

  4. It is Cardamine pratense. Cuckoo flower.


    Plantaholic Sheila

  5. Many thanks to all for sorting this out. I feel a sense of intense frustration that I don't 'know' our local trees and flowers, and that, despite all my efforts with two identification books, I still can't find some of them - yet 'Mrs Sheep' manages it in German! Looking at the better of the two books now, the identification is obvious. I also accept the criticism that I should always show a leaf or two as well as the flowers: will try to do better in future. Again - thank you all. Jon

    1. Also known as the May Flower hence the saying "don't cast a clout till May be out" that's the way I have always been led to interpret the saying but others think it is the month of May.