Friday, 20 September 2013

New Neighbours

One of the sows on Angus John Cameron's croft a little further up Ormsaigbeg from where we live has just given birth to a large litter of piglets, so this morning we went to visit her.  Angie has set her up with a very nice house with all mod cons in the same run as his other pigs, so she's not lacking in company and a bit of support when the children get obstreperous.

We tried to count how many piglets she has but, being piglets, they never stand still for more than two seconds at a time and, since most of them are a shade of ginger, we kept losing count - but there are at least eight.  Not all of them are ginger.  There's this odd one which is white and spotty and by far the most adventurous....

....and two which are ginger and have a white stripe across them.

Hughie MacLachlan has recently bought another eight piglets, and the rumour is that he has another eight or so arriving at the weekend, and then Betsy's supposed to be producing a litter shortly, so the place will shortly be over-run with pigs.  We're seriously thinking of petitioning the Community Council to change the name of the township from Ormsaigbeg, ormr being Norse for snake, the saig coming from the Norse vik, a bay, and bheag meaning little, to Pigsaigbeg.


  1. A number of us are fed-up hearing about pigs time and again give it a rest, it is a boring subject JD

  2. Personally, I enjoy the blog. Not only have I learned a new word today, but I get to use it in a sentence straight away. Quit being so obstreperous JD.

  3. I for one love hearing about the pigs! So much so I visited them last week while I was staying at the lighthouse! We found them on Tuesday evening but only saw a snout peaking out of the house! We were delighted to see them right outside your house Jon on Thursday evening and took some of our own photos!
    Please keep us up to date with the pig news now I am back home in Suffolk!

  4. Oh, please keep writing about the pigs and piglets, it's so funny and I enjoy it
    especially now that I have receive bad news
    it makes my day.easy

  5. JD, no-one is forcing you to read this blog and you have no right to tell an author what to write. If you don't enjoy the pig entries, read something else. Or, even better, write your own, pig-free blog.

    C. - Canada

  6. Sorry, but whether it be pigs, walking, or news of locals, I think it's a wonderful blog, and I look forward to it every day. Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Many thanks for all the kind words about the blog - much appreciated. Jon