Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Dolphins Hunting

A big pod of dolphins came along the coast to the south of Kilchoan this morning.  People waiting for the Tobermory ferry at Mingary Pier saw them moving into Port nam Marbh, the bay between the pier and Mingary Castle, where....

....the crew of this creel boat, the Oban-registered Ceol na Mara, OB5, must have had a wonderful view of them.

They passed in front of the castle, where the men working on the scaffolding stopped to watch as they hunted fish they'd trapped against the rocky shoreline.

The pod turned when they reached Port Ur, just to the east of Mingary, and came back, hunting as they went.

It's very difficult to estimate how many there are in a pod of dolphins, but there must have been twenty or more in this one.  Amongst them were a number of young.

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