Friday, 6 September 2013

How to 'Sell' a Business

There are few businesses these days who can sit back and expect the customers to come flocking to them.  Most have to sell themselves.  A shrewd business person might be able to do it him/herself, but most of us need help from someone who knows how it's done.  A good example is the on-line presence, usually in the form of a website or facebook page.  Getting this right is important, and it isn't only the visual impact of the site.  From a customer's point of view, it has to be friendly to use, and from the business person's side, it has to be efficient - and that includes being easily picked up by search engines like Google.

Sam Meegan is a marketing, PR and events consultant specialising in working with small businesses. He's been involved with a variety of large clients like Waterstones, Debenhams and JD Sports, he's worked on projects like re-branding a vineyard, and he's done music and arts events.  Now he wants to offer his skills and experience to small businesses around Ardnamurchan.

He's fortunate that he's been able to showcase his skills in a small project for his mother, Dale, and her partner, Rob Bolton, who have just sited a shepherd's hut close to the foreshore on Craigard Croft.  It's an entirely new venture and it's Sam's job to get it on the road.
It's a great project for Sam because, as can be seen from these pictures, it's in a idyllic location, with....

....both distant views across the Sound of Mull to Mull and Morvern, and close to a small lochan which is frequented by wildfowl.

You can see what Sam has done at, or you can test his skills by trying to find the hut on Google.

Anyone wanting to contact Sam to discuss what he can do for their business can reach him at or on 07768 629 801.

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