Thursday, 18 February 2016

Winter Showers

Snow has lain all day on the summit of Ben Hiant and on the hills of Morvern and Mull, while dark, heavy-bellied clouds move across on a westerly breeze.

At times the cloud masses resemble the anvil shapes of summer thunderstorms - this one sits over Beinn na Seilg, Druim na Gearr Leacainn and Maol Buidhe - and they bring sudden and heavy showers....

....some of them of hail; and thunder is forecast.

As the clouds move away and the showers ease, the low winter sun cuts beneath them, giving us single and double rainbows, this one pointing to the pot of gold buried under St Comghan's church.

The bay is full of gulls basking on the sunlit peat banks, nervous gulls which rise at the slightest pretext.

As the day has worn on, so the snow line has steadily crept downwards on the hills. This is Beinn Talaidh on Mull, seen across the the reed beds around Kilchoan Bay.


  1. Fabulous photos, as ever - we look forward to them every evening, along with the narrative, of course.(RB)

  2. Magnificent cloud systems: top photo makes Ben Hiant look like a skerry. Lovely view of Beinn Talaidh.