Thursday, 4 February 2016

An Early Spring?

Many thanks to Les Humphreys for this picture. Les writes, "The recent storms have not put the frogs off doing what comes naturally. We had a frog in our pond on the 23rd January and the day before yesterday, the 2nd February, we found some frog spawn – two weeks earlier than last year."

There snowdrops are in full bloom in our garden but they're cultivated ones. Looking at garden flowers is not a good way of judging the arrival of spring: we have heathers in full bloom.

What the wild heather is doing is a bit different.  With snow on the ground, we're finding heather which has abundant green shoots on it.

But surely this caterpillar has it wrong? He was climbing the side of the wood shed a couple of days ago, during a break in Storm Henry's efforts to wreck the place.

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