Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ormsaigbeg Woodland Proposal

The Scottish Rural Development Programme includes grant aided schemes for croft land including common grazing. The Grazing Committee for Ormsaigbeg is proposing to plant approximately 100h of native broadleaved woodland on the grazings.

On Sunday afternoon 7th February Tom Bryson will lead a walk over the grazings to outline the proposal and to answer questions from anyone with an interest in the scheme. Shareholders in the common grazing and members of the community are invited.

Meet at 2.00 pm at Craigard Croft. Boots or wellies needed. The walk will take approximately two hours.


  1. A good opportunity for truffle cultivation?

  2. The Woodland Trust is a wonderful charity.

    I would love them to start a wood in this scenically beautiful part of Britain.
    Good for all wildlife.. birds, flowers and insects.