Sunday, 28 February 2016

Beinn Dubh

With another fine day promised, we drove the car to the start of the track which leads from the Portuairk road to the Old School House at Achosnich, pictured, with some of the houses of Achosnich behind it and Beinn Bhuidhe to the right, but then left the track and followed the path that leads over the ridge....

....towards Achnaha, seen here, in the centre of the Tertiary ring dyke complex. At this time of year the vegetation looks as if it has been burnt by a savanna sun, the only green being the grass of the township inbye land and....

....the occasional bit of vegetation, such as this clubmoss.

This picture looks a little more into the north, with the steep cliff of Carraig at centre, Eigg to the left and Skye in the distance.

The hill that forms the summit along this section of ridge is called Beinn Dubh, the black hill, which has an impressive cairn of stones at its summit and, arguably, some of the best views of....

....Sanna and its many beaches.

To return to the car we followed the ridge seen in the foreground of this picture until we came to the all-weather path which leads from the School House to Sanna and Portuairk.

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