Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Kilchoan Fire Service Needs You!

Here's a picture for readers to savour - four members of Kilchoan Fire Brigade taken almost twenty years ago at Invergordon. They had just completed their breathing apparatus course, which enables members of the brigade to enter burning buildings in search of casualties, something they couldn't do before.

In those days the brigade always had a full complement. Today it's down to seven of a team of ten, one of whom is off on short-term sick leave.  Since they must have four of the team present to respond to a callout, it isn't surprising that they haven't been able to attend some recent emergencies.

The team is desperate to recruit new members, and the community needs a fire brigade. There are posters up on local noticeboards, or you can go on the Fire Brigade website here where there are details about how to apply to become a retained firefighter.

Retained firefighters have an annual salary of between £2k and £3k, and are paid for attendance at training and for callouts - more details of remuneration and conditions of service here.

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