Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Coastguard Press Release

Beach below Ormsaigbeg at midday today
A Maritime & Coastguard Agency press release reads, "Just after midnight, 16 February, the UK Coastguard received a Mayday emergency call from a yacht which was in difficulties and had run aground near Skerryvore Light, near the Isle of Tiree off the west coast of Scotland. There was one man on board with no reported injuries.

"A Mayday relay was broadcast by the Coastguard requesting assistance and a commercial cable laying vessel made its way to the area and provided some shelter from the weather.

"The Islay RNLI all-weather lifeboat was sent and has been on scene attempting to secure a line to the vessel since 3:30am. Barra RNLI Lifeboat has also been sent to assist.

"The UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Prestwick successfully airlifted the yachtsman to safety just after midday. He does not require any medical attention.

"UK Coastguard Maritime Operations Controller, Angus MacIver said: 'The winds in the area were gusting at severe gale force with extremely rough seas which created a very testing environment in which this rescue could be carried out. The yachtsman is now being airlifted ashore and the RNLI lifeboats are returning to base.'"

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  1. Just when the Yachtsman thought it couldn't get any worse, the BBC have just announced that he has now been detained by police over an international arrest warrant.

    Alasdair Thornton