Sunday, 22 March 2015

Unique Double Eclipse

While all the rest of us were getting very excited about Friday's eclipse of the sun, Portuairk was witnessing something even more unusual - a double eclipse.

This isn't in any way a trick photograph, it wasn't photoshopped or in any way digitally manipulated.  Jim Caldwell, who took it and was kind enough to allow the Diary to publish it, says it was one of a sequence he took on the day, and all the others showed just one sun.  Has anyone any idea how the image can have been generated?

Of course, anyone who knows Portuairk won't be in the slightest surprised. Portuairk is, after all, the centre of the known universe and is full of strange things.


  1. Simple reflection from the Sea

  2. A guess would be a pinhole projection of the sun from a very small gap in a higher cloud onto the viewing screen of another cloud below. The pinhole would have to be very sharp to attain such a good image and sharpness is not something one normally associates with clouds. I cannot find any internet evidence of this happening before. Maybe Jim has captured something rare and interesting.

  3. Correction, It is not a pinhole camera effect, as the image would be upside down! How about internal camera refraction?