Sunday, 8 March 2015

Working Boats

The Panamanian-registered tug Luca came up the Sound this morning, on her way north after towing the Lysblink Seaways to the Clyde.  She's one of several oceangoing tugs owned by the Gesmar Group, which specialises in towage.  The Group is based at Ravenna, in Italy.

Two working boats which I don't know have passed along the Ormsaigbeg shore in the last few days.  This one may have been working on laying the anchors at the new Marine Harvest fish farm at Maclean's Nose.  She passed us in a near gale, the conditions so bad that I couldn't read her name - does anyone know her?

This one came past this morning and should have been easily identifiable - except that the paint on her name is well camouflaged against her blue hull.  Again, does anyone know her name?

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  1. Many thanks to Struan for suggesting that the first boat is 'Coastal Hunter', on charter to Marine Harvest, and the second 'Emma C' out of Mallaig. Thanks too to Jean-Pierre, who agrees that the first is 'Coastal Hunter'. Jon