Monday, 30 March 2015

Winter Prolonged

The kayaks, which we keep at the back of the bay below the house, are looking forlorn.  By this time of year, with the family coming up from England over Easter, we should have had the ropes and weights off them, and have spent some time cleaning and checking them ready for the first launch of the year, but....

....the forecast for this evening and through tomorrow is looking worse and worse.  This clip is from YrNo, the Norwegian forecaster and, usually, one of the more conservative.  XCWeather is promising us gusts to force 10.

The hills on Mull, to the south of Tobermory, bear testament to winter's determination not to leave us, and XCWeather is suggesting that we have more winter showers to come over the next three days.

Meanwhile, the wood mouse has established himself as a regular visitor to our mouse feeder, much to the disgust of the birds who thought it was theirs.

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