Sunday, 15 March 2015

Beach Clean-up Starts Early

The annual beach clean-up has started early this year, with Alasdair Thornton (right) of Cruachan Croft and his friends Peter, Dianna and Maarek Ferry (Maarek's sitting on a creel buoy) completing the section from his croft as far west as the Ardnamurchan Campsite.

Dianna is from Estonia where, in 2008, 50,000 volunteers cleaned the whole country of all its illegally tipped rubbish in five hours.  The key to this tremendous operation was the use of modern technology, which enabled the organisers to locate all the rubbish that needed shifting.  Interestingly, because Estonia has strict laws about handing potentially hazardous materials, the volunteers had to break the law to achieve the feat.

Interested in repeating the effort in Scotland?  Full details of the Estonian project here.

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