Sunday, 29 March 2015

Nutty Robin

Robins come to our birdtables to enjoy grains like millet.  The aren't too keen on sunflower seeds, even thought they would be very good for them, and they certainly don't indulge in the sort of aerobatics that are required of birds like the tits, chaffinches and sparrows who feed off our patented peanut dispensers - until today.

It's very difficult to tell robins apart, but we know we have at least four coming regularly to our front terrace, of which one is the friendliest, the one who stands on our windowsill looking pitifully hungry until we give him something to eat.  One of the others is of the other sex, as 'our' robin doesn't see him/her off.  With the others, he fights.

Would that robins were easier to distinguish, as we'd then know which one has taken to eating peanuts.

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