Friday, 20 March 2015


In Ormsaigbeg, clouds covered the sky at 9.30, when the eclipse was at its maximum.  All the birds had disappeared except for one hungry great tit, and an eerie half-light covered the land

Then, at 9.46am, a small hole in the overcast gave us a brief glimpse of the eclipse.

This picture of the eclipse was taken a little earlier, at 9.32, from Kilmory - many thanks to Ritchie Dinnes for letting me have his picture - while....

....this was the eclipse at Achnaha, photographed by Stewart Pote - again, many thanks for the picture.

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  1. Great photos! You did much better than the 'sunny south'. All that happened at 0929 under Winchester's low cloud was a short dull spell; then a beautiful spring day with clear skies arrived by 1100!
    I have resolved to try to be alive, and at the lighthouse by teatime on August 12 2026,_2026
    Clear your diaries West Ardnamurchan; lets have a picnic!