Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Turn of the Tide

On last Wednesday's perfect, if hazy, Ardnamurchan morning we set off to walk from Achnaha to one of our favourite places, the north coast's secret beach.  We left the car on the Sanna side of the township and headed for the left-hand of these two bens, an un-named summit which....

....offers a superb view down one the many glens which run to the coast.  At this time of year the land looks as burnt as the African savanna in the dry season, and there's no sign of any green shoots except, perhaps, on the tips of the heather.

We stopped again on a low hill closer to the shore, looking to our right towards Rubha Carrach, often called the Cat's Face, with the rocks in the bay exposed by the falling tide....

....then across the bay to Rubha an Duin Bhain with its shelly sand beach, and round to....

 ....a view of Lower Sanna across the ruins of the abandoned village of Plocaig.

Once on the beach we sat on a rock and let time slip by with only the occasional distraction, like when an otter began working for his lunch in the waters to the right of this picture while gulls swooped above him.

While we were there the tide turned.


  1. The hill you refer to is known as Beinn Iain Beag

  2. Thank you!

    I have made a small start on recording the names of the physical features that the OS does not name - so that name will be added - but which need recording before their memory fades. Would you be prepared to help me? Jon

  3. Yes I memorised the names of most hills from around the area from a shepherd many years ago , and where they used to leave a small amount of ground oats tobacco a wee pot and sticks as sometimes they may get caught out in a blizzard or snow storm

  4. It would be great if you could tell me the names of the hills not on the OS map, giving me either a grid reference or some other description so I can recognise where they are. I am building a database of this information which, in due course, I will publish. Email me at kilchoandiary@btinternet.com. Great story about the little store the shepherds kept in the hills. Jon

  5. If you post a photo and location thenI am almost sure I can help