Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Rubbish - A Heartfelt Plea

From Ricky:

This wonderful mostly unspoilt place is being blighted by RUBBISH. On Saturday I walked a mile from the cattle grid at the beginning of the village out towards Caim and back again covering each side of the road. In three hours I filled six black bags with rubbish, mostly cans (lots of beer), plastic bottles and food wrappers, but also items of industry, the largest being a council grass cutting sign slowly sinking into the depths of a ditch.

Today, Wednesday, I picked up a crisp packet, a bottle, a sandwich wrapper and I missed an item on the way back which looked like a tin of food.

Please can I ask locals, visitors, visiting workmen - everybody - to keep their rubbish in their vehicles until they are home or at least at a layby which has rubbish bins at it.

This place is beautiful and peaceful. People come here to see the beauty and feel the tranquillity of the place, not to look at rubbish strewn road verges.

Please, please, please keep your waste until you can dispose of it properly.


A reminder that the annual village clean-up
takes place on Sunday 5th April, details here.


  1. Unfortunately nowadays more and more rubbish is being left where it shouldn't be left.

    When growing up I was always told by my parents we take our rubbish home or put it in a bin provided .... and it is so easy to do this. I always told my children this and now my grandchildren are being told this. We must lead by example.

    We need to educate those who leave rubbish and spoil an environment for others. Your main photo is of a beautiful place in what should be a beautiful earth for us all to enjoy.

    So YES lets keep on telling people to take their rubbish home and bin it.

    A good childrens book to get them thinking is 'Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish'

    Hope your annual village clean up goes well

    All the best Jan

  2. There's absolutely no excuse for litter. None. End of story.

  3. People are really lazy and disgusting sometimes. When I was a child, any rubbish I had went into mum's bag until we either got home or got to a bin. Now parent's look on quite proudly as junior throws their rubbish over their shoulder for someone else to pick up.

  4. Litter is becoming a problem nationwide. Government needs to start a campaign to include schools.
    and regretably it probably means even more road signs. Children are often good at educating their parents. Lets hope there is good turn out for the village clean up

  5. Argh, stray apostrophe alert in my original comment (hangs head in shame) :(