Saturday, 14 March 2015


With today's continuing fine weather we have a new bird in the garden.  At first, from its black bib, we thought it was a cock house sparrow, but it has a black crown, a very distinguished white collar, and pale spots running down onto its breast.

We then thought it might be a reed bunting, but the side of the head should be black as well as the crown.  Could this be a juvenile reed bunting, or is it something quite different?

The sunshine and warmth has brought out the first of the year's bumblebees.  It's either a buff- or a white-tailed bumblebee, and it, like the honey bees, was enjoying the heather in our front garden.

And the warmth has reawakened other, less welcome insects, like this fly.


  1. Its a Reed Bunting,

  2. Richard Laybourne15 March 2015 at 11:19

    I'd go along with Reed Bunting. Decent picture of one in winter plumage here:

  3. Dave King writes, "Looks like a Reed Bunting to me as well, just not quite yet in full breeding rig. Get the odd one in my garden in Warwickshire every March or April."

    Thanks for the identifications. This is the first reed bunting we've seen in our garden, some distance from any reeds. Jon