Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mingary Castle: Aerial Views

Iain Thornber, who writes a regular column for the Oban Times, was aboard the small helicopter we saw flying past Ormsaigbeg on Sunday afternoon, and he's generously allowed the Diary to publish some of the photos he took of Mingary Castle.

This picture, taken from the southeast, shows the castle with Mingary House beyond it and, further away, Mingary Steading, with part of Kilchoan village in the distance.

This shot is from the southwest.

A closer view shows the facade of the main building, the north range, with the scaffolding now dropped.  The scaffolding which still encases the curtain walls is due to come down in about a month's time.

The castle here is seen from the northwest. Details of the battlements and the walkway running behind them can be seen, as can the completed roof of the north range with its four dormer windows.

Many thanks to Iain Thornber for permission to publish his photos.

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