Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Mail Gets Through!

The snow was back on the summit of Ben Hiant this morning after a night in which the wind swung into the north and hail showers fell at sea level.  But the sun came out early so that, by mid-morning, the snow had disappeared.

The pied wagtails are also back, and have been for a couple of weeks, but they've been unusually shy of the camera until this one kindly posed on a stob along the Ormsaigbeg road this morning.

Meanwhile, the road at Camas nan Geall has been closed for repairs for part of the day since yesterday - see details here.  But postie Ritchie Dinnes has sent the Diary this picture with the caption "The mail shall get through!"

Many thanks for the picture, Ritchie.


  1. I never cease to be amazed by the resourcefulness of the community, we arrive on Saturady for two weeks, can't wait

  2. Well done Ritchie! We too, arrive on Saturday, but for just one week and look forward to waving to you as you make sure the mail gets through.