Saturday, 21 March 2015

21st Century Archaeology

Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology were out today at Branault Croft, continuing a study of the four cottars' cottages on Hugh and Bridget Cameron's land - but this time we were deploying the latest in modern surveying technology, Jim Caldwell's Phantom 2 quadcopter.

Branault's an ideal place for a first try as there aren't too many trees and other obstacles around, and the conditions today, with a light wind and sunshine, were little short of perfect. The results were very exciting.  This picture almost makes land-based surveying a thing of the past, as accurate plans of the cottage could be made directly from it.

The team today, from left, consisted of Wendy Macfadyen and the Diary, working the app on the iPad which controls the photography, and Jim Caldwell and James Dewar on the Phantom's controls.

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