Tuesday, 10 May 2016

It's Hot

It's hot, seriously hot, so hot that the lizards which come out to bask on the rocks of the field walls only stay still for a few moments before lifting their feet in turn and blowing on them - just like the lizards in those nature films about the Namib desert.

The temperature hit 28C early yesterday afternoon, didn't drop below 12C last night, then climbed to 24C again today in a slightly fresher breeze. The best day out at this time of year and in this weather is on Staffa Tours' Islander, which leaves from Mingary Pier and takes you out to visit the puffins which are nesting on Lunga.

The ladies of the household took to the water to cool off, one of them with, the other without a wet suit - and both survived. I helped by launching the kayak and paddling around on the lookout for lion's mane jelly fish, great white sharks and orcas.

The butterflies are out, mainly green-veined whites and a few peacocks, making the most of the wildflowers which are bursting into bloom. The grass is growing almost visibly, so we're back to the background sound so typical of sunny summer days - the drone of strimmers.

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