Sunday, 22 May 2016


On a day after the local farmers and crofters had been out after foxes, hunting along the north coast from Sanna to Swordle, we met one....

....working his way across Estate land.

He didn't see us, so we stayed very still and watched him searching through the tussocks.  Judging by the fury of the skylarks, he was after their eggs.

 He kept moving from left to right....

....pausing occasionally, staying stock still, ears pricked, as if listening for mice in the grass....

....and then moving on, nose to the ground.

Every few yards he stopped, sat down, and looked straight at us. If he saw us, he didn't seem bothered, and carried on his business until he disappeared behind the hill away to our right.

It was only then that we became aware of a second fox, to our left, who had been lying in the grass. Unfortunately, he wasn't as tolerant, because when he saw us....

....he got up and ran, stopping only once, briefly, to look back.


  1. Lovely photos Dad! They are such beautiful animals.

  2. Beautiful yes but tacking into account the dammage they do at this time of year to sheep and lambs no wonder they are not the farmers/crofters best friends