Tuesday, 20 October 2015


A few days ago, the rowans were heavy with berries. This one, at the back of the Ardnamurchan Campsite, is unusual as the berries seem to ripen to yellow rather than the usual red, and the birds seemed not to favour them, but.....

....by today, every berry of whatever colour had gone, stripped from the trees by the redwings and fieldfares which the Raptor described in his post on Sunday, here.

This picture shows Port Beag along the Ormsaigbeg road, which has a number of prolific rowans growing near it. This morning they looked naked and forlorn.

The redwings and fieldfares came and are gone. They probably knew from their forecasters what was building out in the Atlantic for our entertainment over the next few days - a series of deep depressions to herald the start of winter.  This is the Meteorological Office's current forecast for tomorrow night/Thursday morning, when winds in our area are predicted  to peak at 48mph - force 9.

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