Friday, 2 October 2015

Badgers in Ormsaigbeg

We've not been aware of badgers in Ormsaigbeg before but Tom Bryson at Craigard croft found signs that they had been entering his upper field through the gate into the common grazings, so he put out a trail camera - and this is the result.

Badgers on Ardnamurchan seem to be migratory, moving around in small groups and not staying in one place for long. A few months ago, they were in Portuairk.

Read more about the Craigard badgers at Tom Bryson's blog here.

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  1. Jim Caldwell writes, "The badgers have been back to Portuairk in the last few days. The very distinct damage pattern of the grass being peeled back like a carpet appeared in the same spot as last year. This year the area is small and they haven't been back since. They must realise that there is no feeding in the sand on which the grass grows.

    It is a very fragile area of grass over sand and they can do a lot of damage in a short space of time so here's hoping."