Sunday, 18 October 2015

Avian Invaders

 With a heavy crop of berries on the rowans, the Raptor writes....

"There is a great arrival of redwings and....

"....fieldfares from the continent taking place right now. The trees are alive with busy birds coming and going. They are very flighty birds and don't hang around too long to let you take decent pictures of them. It is said that they are harbingers of doom or at least a forewarning that a cold winter may be on the way.

"I don't think I saw them in such large numbers last winter which was quite a mild one and the berries on the trees lasted much longer. Now the trees are being stripped rapidly and our own birds will have to compete hard to find food to get them through this bird prediction of a cold winter. All that said, it's still great to see the large flocks of these birds filling the sky."

Many thanks to the Raptor for story and for pictures of fieldfares and redwing.

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