Monday, 12 October 2015

Rubbish Collection Changes

There have been some recent changes to the rubbish collection system involving the blue recycling box.  For a start, the box isn't changed each week - the one we have is now our responsibility. It is emptied at your house, and its contents sorted. Anything that shouldn't be in it is left, so it's more important than ever that we only put out the correct things.

These are:
  • Cardboard - small boxes like cereal packets but they will also accept larger items if they're torn up so they fit in the blue box.
  • Paper - including newspaper, magazines, envelopes (but not those with plastic windows), and sheets of paper such a duplicating paper and the stuff that comes in 'junk mail'.
  • Tins -  aluminium and steel. We've been asked not to put out tinfoil or aluminium ready-meal trays, and to place the tins loose in the box, not in a plastic bag.
  • Tetrapaks - with their plastic tops removed.
It helps a lot if tins and tetrapaks are washed out - those emptying the boxes have to handle everything.

NO PLASTIC is accepted, though we are hoping that a plastic recycling facility will appear shortly at the recycling point by the telephone exchange in Kilchoan, where you can also leave clothing (bagged up please), newspapers and bottles.

A great deal of other waste can be left at the Transfer Station, less than a mile out from Kilchoan along the Sonachan road. Opening times are 12 midday - 2pm every Wednesday. They can't take liquids (paint, oils etc), windows or green (garden) waste.

I think we have one of the best rubbish collection services in the world. We're not faced, as some are, with only monthly collections, and the people who collect our throw-outs are cheerful and helpful - so the least we can do is be helpful in return.


  1. Do they not want cardboard to be kept separate either? I usually put that in a bag in the box

  2. I'm told we shouldn't use plastic bags for anything in the box. Jon