Friday, 30 October 2015

Still Waters

Eamonn Coughlan is Ardnamurchan Estate's Renewables Manager, and commutes around the Estate as part of his business, which puts him in an ideal position to capture some of the best views of the peninsula.

Many readers will recognise the place featured in the first two pictures, but Eamonn's pictures show Camas nan Geall at quieter times of the day, the first at a winter's sunset, with Mull in the distance, and....

....this one, again in winter, with the moon reflected in the bay's still waters.

A mist lying across the water also features in this picture, of one of Kilchoan's two creel fishermen's boats at its moorings in Port na Croisg just to the east of Camas nan Geall.

Many thanks to Eamonn for the pictures.

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