Friday, 7 November 2014

Torrents & Landslips

Once the wind had eased yesterday, the clouds were able to get on with the serious business of dropping some rain on us.  Between 8.00am yesterday morning and 8.00am this morning, we enjoyed a deluge of 83mm, over three inches of rain, most of it in the late afternoon and evening.

The land, as usual, shrugged most of the water off, the burns rising to bursting and small rivulets and waterfalls appearing where they aren't normally found.  But, as these pictures from Kilchoan Early Bird graphically show, in places the sodden soil slipped, as here at Maclean's Nose, and....

....below the road at Camas nan Geall, where the movement has undermined part of the carriageway.  This view is from the bay, while....

....this shows the same slip from the road.

There were landslips like this all along the road towards Corran, but it remained passable.  Amazingly, last year's major landslip along Ardslignish brae hasn't moved again.

Many thanks to Kilchoan Early Bird for the pictures.

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