Monday, 3 November 2014

Sea Stripes

This morning saw us with a very light southeasterly and these strange stripes across Kilchoan Bay.  They aren't waves, as in a ship's wake, because they didn't move.  We often see patterns of this sort on the surface of the sea, usually after rain - and we had plenty of that last night - but never before in a such an organised form.

By mid-afternoon the rain had finally petered out, the clouds reluctantly cleared, and we began to see some sun.  Where it struck the hillsides the colours were magnificent.


  1. I was looking through previous Diary entries and came across a photograph which may shed some light on the origin of these sea stripes. 17th September 2014. The 5th photograph shows a rock off-shore smoothing the waves rather as does a boat. Could the moving tide water show evidence of a group of rocks in the adjacent bay?

  2. It's possible, Derryck, but there aren't four or five rocks of about the same size in a neat row to create the stripes. What's also odd is that the wind is blowing across the stripes, though they may have been drawn out by the tide. Jon