Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Eagle Moon

It's been a morning of raptors.  First, one of the two resident Ormsaigbeg buzzards hung itself in the brisk southeasterly that's blowing, silhouetted against the dawn.  Shortly afterwards, the kestrel we've been watching came and did the same, just to prove it was even better at it, but moved quickly on.

While walking back from the shop, we spotted this eagle, again making use of the steady breeze, soaring across a waning gibbous moon.  It was one of two, and they moved off westwards....

....followed by this low-flying raptor which flew too fast for a good photo.  It might be that elusive merlin, it could be a peregrine.

The eagles returned, much lower, passing almost overhead before finally disappearing behind the ridge line, a close enough pass for us to be fairly certain they were golden rather than sea eagles.


  1. Your 'eagle moon' photo is stunning - that's a prize-winner! Thank you once again for your lovely posts, which we enjoy hugely.

  2. Thank you for your very generous comment.

  3. Yeah Dad 'Eagle Moon' is a stunner of a photo! Well captured :)

  4. Great photos, eagle moon outstanding, yer falcon is almost certainly a peregrine, sorry again.

  5. Please don't apologise, Paul - am thrilled to know it's likely to be a peregrine. It's good to see them back over Ormsaigbeg. Jon
    And thank you, Rachael, for your comment.

  6. I was going to add after the sorry that a peregrine was a good bird on any day in anybodies book, lucky you.