Thursday, 6 November 2014

From Calm to Near Gale

By the time a near-full moon rose early on Guy Fawkes' evening, the light northwesterly had swung round into the southeast and freshened, bringing high cloud which quickly veiled the moon.

During the night the wind rose.  The rain began in the early hours, and by morning we were enjoying a bit of variety - a near gale.  The change from yesterday's blue skies, light winds and brilliant sunshine is almost unbelievable.

With the waves beating directly onto the Ormsaigbeg shore, it was a surprise to see a cormorant working close in against the rocks but....

....after he'd almost been turned turtle by a couple of breakers, he made his way into deeper and safer water.

Usually, the Diary enjoys a visit to the building works at Mingary Castle on a Thursday morning to gather material for the weekly blog from the patient and very tolerant builders, but I was phoned this morning by builder Mark Rutherford Thompson who said that a visit this morning would be ill-advised - the site looks southeast and is very exposed to the present storm.  The Mingary Castle website is here.

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