Thursday, 13 November 2014

Protecting Our Wildlife

Watching the magnificent stags that are a feature of West Ardnamurchan are one of the great pleasures of walking across this area.  It's the job of Niall Rowantree and the other stalkers at Ardnamurchan Estate both to protect the herds of red deer, but they can't do it without the help of the general public.

Poachers have been active again.  Recently, two hinds were shot, the culprits leaving behind the gralloch, the entrails, and the dead deers' two calves.

Lamping, looking for wildlife at night with a powerful torch, often disturbs wildlife which we are trying to protect and encourage, particularly our wildcat population.  Visitors have the best chance of seeing wildlife at night by going out with one of the night-time tours offered by Wild Highland Tours, who have just obtained new thermal imaging equipment.

Anyone seeing suspicious activity is asked to contact Ardnamurchan Estate on 01972 510 208 or the head stalker on 07920 858 263.

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