Friday, 14 November 2014

Ormsaigbeg Fox

This is very likely to be the young fox which has been raiding poultry runs and killing chickens on at least three Ormsaigbeg crofts in recent weeks.  He's been very bold about it, carrying out attacks during daylight hours.

He's not been active during the past couple of days and it was though that he'd moved on somewhere else, but this video was taken last night at about 8.00pm.  He'd be wise to move on as the crofters will shoot him if they can.


  1. It looks as if this fox has possible problems with it,s eyesight as I have seen it before on other foxes with a damaged eye, when light be it infra red or torch light.

  2. Many thanks for the comment. I had watched the video several times without noticing the lack of reflection from the left eye. Jon